I am forever grateful...

I am forever grateful for every student that comes before me on their yoga mat, for each has given me a wonderful opportunity to learn from them.

Below are some very kind words from my past and present students.

Exceptional training! Melissa is dedicated to sharing her knowledge and passion for Yin. The course is well thought out and executed with absolute professionalism. Her background is very extensive and she truly IS the essence of YIN yoga in OC. Highly recommend this training and Melissa Christensen, thank you for everything. I have learned so much.  Jill R. 

If you need a reason as to why you're here, you don't need to look farther than me...
what a life-changing journey it has been going through 200 hour yoga teacher training & yin teacher training at
Spectra School of Yoga. You have touched my heart in a way that I cannot thank you enough for. Thank you for all of the beautiful moments and helping me transform physically, mentally, faithfully and emotionally. All the times I cried were so worth it!  Kelsey B. 

On a personal note, I LOVE how open and personable you are. I felt immediately comfortable around you and am incredibly thankful for your passion to support the minority students. The world needs more people like you and I feel grateful that I had the opportunity to learn from your humble and experienced perspective and insight. Thank you for sharing your energy and spirit with us.   Ashley L. 

There is absolutely no doubt yoga is a passion for Melissa, it’s also a very personal and honored practice for her. She undoubtedly takes her practice and her teachings very seriously, and yet brings a mindful and articulate playfulness to the stage in ways to help transcend the complexity and authenticity of yoga asana and philosophy to her students. For me personally, my definition, meaning, and practice of yoga has evolved over the years, and that is largely owed to Melissa. Yoga for me has literally impacted all aspects of my life; physically, mentally, and spiritually. Like yoga, Melissa is the real deal.  When you hear her speak, you will come to realize the amazing teacher she is. Thank you for bringing this practice into our lives, into our home, and sharing it with the world around us. Jai Bhagwan. Namaste.  Johnny C.

I’ve recently completed the 15 hour Yin Training with Melissa and have come out with a burst of inspiration and energy that I had been craving. For those who just want this for their own personal knowledge/healing vs instructing, I would still highly recommend as the knowledge gained could be applied to help you in your own practice physically, spiritually and emotionally. It has also trained my eye to see bodies a little differently, with more compassion and understanding of how we are all structured anatomically differently. This I can take to any realm of yoga (and life!). She has a wealth of knowledge to share which was made accessible and easy to understand through real examples and experiences. I feel like I was given all the resources and tools to equip and empower me to better share this practice as opposed to unquestionable “rules & regulations”. You are free to ask, ponder and wonder….. She obviously lives and breathes her passion and this definitely made the training more enjoyable and engaging. I appreciate her being true to herself making her a relatable human being, giving us the “permission” to be ourselves as well… Melissa Z.

I can't recommend enough Spectra School of Yoga and these three women: Aileen PhamMelissa Christensen, and Colleen Hieber are not only highly experienced and trained in their field -- each with a very unique expression and expertise of yoga in their lives -- but they are some of the most heart-felt, grounded, and wonderful people I have ever met. How honored I was to be their student and to have them guide me in my education. My heart is so grateful. Teacher training is coming up in January and the studio is opening very soon! If you're considering yoga teacher training, jump on in.  Stacey R. 

I would have never thought that YIN Stretch and meditation with Yoga was for me. When I started, I wanted to be more flexible, gain core strength, and improve my overall health. I took many different types of classes and Melissa’s YIN Stretch class was AMAZING!! So amazing, I also took private lessons, and she helped me deepen my meditation practice to quiet my mind. What does this have to do with YOGA? I was more at peace, I was in tune with my body. Melissa helped me realize my goals, not the path I thought, but a better path for me. She is so aware of her students, and makes you feel at ease in her classes. She has a way of delivering her style of teaching where you feel you are progressing and not thinking “AM I DOING THIS RIGHT?” I have and will continue to recommend Melissa to anyone who wants to deepen their yoga experience or start their yoga journey- She is one of the best teachers I have experienced. Thank you so much Melissa!! Dave R.

This was an EXCELLENT [yin] training. I learned a ton from Melissa. Her passion for Yin Yoga, teaching it properly, understanding the difference between it and Restorative was so appreciated. You will be totally prepared to teach your next Yin class confidently, safely and effectively. *THIS* is how all trainings should be presented. Jen Y

Melissa is the exceptional yoga instructor.  She truly embraces the art of yoga and loves sharing it and teaching it to others.  She is passionate about helping others to learn and enjoy yoga whether student or teacher.  She truly cares and always is astutely observing her students.  Her knowledge about the human anatomy and muscles is doctor-esq.  If she does not know something she immediately looks it up.  She is as beautiful inside and out as the art of yoga.  She is strong of mind and body, with an optimistic helpful personality that does not take no for an answer.  I have a herniated disc and was recommended yoga as an alternative to surgery.  I routinely say there is no way I can do that pose or stretch and a week or so later I am doing the pose.  Under her tutelage I have avoided surgery and can stretch in ways I never have in my life.  I thank Melissa for her knowledge, dedication, positive outlook and firm but kind instruction as she has truly touched and changed my life with her knowledge and instruction in the art of yoga.  Thank you, and I cannot recommend her enough.  Robert C.

If you've ever thought about learning more about Yin Yoga, as a teacher, or as a student, taking one of her trainings is the way to do it. Melissa Christensen is kind of made of Yin magic. No big deal. She's the reason I live under the Yinfluence. Pantea M.

Melissa is a treasure in this world of yoga. She’s full of anatomy knowledge, incredibly honest and forthcoming and doesn’t take herself as serious as so many do in this business! Love her energy and I learned so, so much about functional anatomy! Janet K.

Any yoga teachers interested in learning how to teach Yin Yoga - this is the course I did and I could not praise it more! Melissa is the best. Adrea R

Thank you so very much for the classes today! I love your spirit and energy and felt very free in your classes. Thank you for being gentle with me and allowing me to feel comfortable and open up to you! I feel that I have learned so much from you and my eyes have been opened. You are an amazing teacher, xoxo.  Christa

Melissa, thank you. You always have a deep sense / intuition of the energy of your students and close class with the most relevant, beautiful words.  Jennifer

Melissa looks like your typical yoga teacher, long and lean, always in yoga pants. But there the similarity ends. She doesn’t push, poke or prod to get her students into a perfect pose.Rather she allows and coaches them. She realizes we’re all different anatomically and have different goals from yoga.She is happy to see you show up and do your best, as that’s all one can ever do.Her classes usually are at capacity, as the students have recognized this and are here to work on their practice, their breath, their body. Gregory B.

Melissa, your tranquil and serene nature immediately sets me at ease and I am allowed to relax into my practice with self generosity and kindness. Thank you for supporting my journey!!

Thank you so much for being such an amazing and inspirational teacher, I have has so much fun taking all of your classes. You have such a beautiful practice and I admire your confidence in all that you do and say. You and your classes have been such an amazing part of my journey over the past year and I want to let you know how grateful I am for all that you have taught me. I wish you the best every day. Thank you. Julianne S.

Melissa is a wonderful teacher. She understands that everyone comes to the yoga mat with their own unique set of goals, abilities and challenges. For me, a lifetime of spasticity left my joints weak and with limited mobility. Melissa worked with me to develop my own personal yoga practice that worked with my abilities. Her guidance, kindness and constant encouragement have allowed me to take my practice further than I ever could have imagined. I could not be more grateful. Thank you Melissa.  Adam

I have enjoyed Melissa’s unique Yin Yoga class for over a year. From day one I felt welcomed by her. Her guided, mindful, meditative instructions come from her heart.  Being in a darkened relaxed atmosphere with beautiful soft music in the background quiets my mind and lets me focus on, and optimize, each move.  She emphasizes that each of our bodies are different and therefore poses may look slightly different, but we still get similar benefits. There is no judgment, only encouragement.  I like the fact that it is mostly floor work...no balancing required!  After 1.5 hours I leave with my body opened, my spirit uplifted, and my mind de-stressed.  Melissa’s class is part of my Sunday morning ritual.  I look forward to it each week.  Sandi V.

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